24 hour plumbing: getting an emergency plumber

Deciding whether you are in need of a plumber urgently can be difficult to assess.

Cost, time and the nature of the work all need to be considered when it comes to deciding whether your work is an emergency.

Here’s how you can make that decision and how to choose the right plumber for you.

Do I need an emergency plumber?

You should always assess whether you definitely need an emergency plumber before you call one out.

Sometimes you can make simple checks and changes to stop the problem from getting worse so you can wait to call a regular plumber, rather than an emergency service, which often costs more and can take longer.

Of course, more complicated problems will require an expert that you can’t risk waiting for.

Whilst emergency plumbers may be more expensive than fixing the problem yourself, you may end up spending more/losing out in the long run as you may find you have to take time off work or feed into your free time to do so.

There are some things which can only be carried out by professionals, this ranges from working with gas to working with high-tech equipment.

You are always better off hiring an experienced professional if you want the job done quickly and efficiently.

Emergency plumber costs – how much do emergency plumbers charge per hour?

The rate at which emergency plumbers work of course depends on the scale of the issue and how long it will take to complete (which isn’t always clear at first).

As of 2019, the average hourly rate for emergency plumbers starts from around £40 expanding up to £80 per hour, excluding costs for new appliances, should you need them.

You can expect to pay 15-30% more per day if your plumber is installing an appliance as part of their job.

Generally speaking, call-out prices a fixed to double the hourly rate, with emergency plumber call outs, you can expect to be paying up to three times the standard rate.

It is important you are certain the issue is an emergency, and that you are choosing the right professionals for the job who provide the service you need.

How long does an emergency plumber take?

Depending on the magnitude of the emergency, an emergency plumber can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a number of hours to attend your property.

In terms of how long the actual job will take to fix, this again can vary.

40% Of emergency cases are dealt within the first hour of a plumber being there this is because most emergency cases involve a burst pipe, overflowing toilets etc.

Which are easily fixed but require tools and knowledge that only a qualified plumber would be able to offer, quickly and correctly.

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