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Choosing the right blinds or shutters for your home

If you are a first time blinds buyer, Castle Homes want to tell you something about us since it is only proper to know the people whom you are going to trust your money with. We not only want to give you the best shopping experience that you can have but also want to make you understand why we are the best?

There is a countless number of sellers of blinds UK who say they are the best. Mind you. They say, not act on it as they know that you are their one-time customer who will never come back to them due to their substandard product, poor service and high prices.

How we are different from others? The answer is that we are the best because we have the highest regard for our customers. We not only appear to show regard but act upon it by treating our customer’s right. There are a few things that separate us from others which are

1. Quality of our blinds

2. Lowest prices

3. Wonderful customer service

Quality of Our Blinds and shutters

We take our blind business seriously because we know that we are going to be in this business for a long haul and want to stay that way. We love this business and so like to remain in this business for a long time to come. We supply only top quality cheap blinds because we know our customers rate us by the quality of the products we sell. Our own survival is at stake here because it is commonsense to know that we will not be given any second chance if we do not sell quality blind as word spreads fast. So it pays to be an ethical blind seller by selling only top quality blinds UK.

Price Range

Next to quality, our customers want the price range to be competitive and it is only natural. In these hard times, every penny counts. As the old saying goes, a penny saved is penny earned. We know that our customers are intelligent enough to know the price structure and we want to give maximum value for their money. We also announce discounts sale at frequent intervals to benefit our customers. Our blind is the cheapest in the market and we encourage our customers to verify. How are we able to sell our blinds cheaper than the others?

The answer is simple… We continuously strive to minimize our overheads and pass on these benefits to our customers. We know many secret ways known only to us (which we guard zealously) to cut overheads which our competitors are not privy to. This is the reason why we are able to sell blind at cheaper rates that no other blinds seller can afford to sell.

Excellent Customer Service

Our customer service is legendary because we give our everything to please our customers. We treat them right by giving them courteous service, quality product at cheaper rates. We answer all their queries very fast to keep them happy and loyal. It only takes one shopping experience with us to understand the quality of our customer service. We encourage you to buy from us so that you know how we are better than others. Once you become our customer you will be hooked to our customer service which is kind of habit-forming. Once our customer, always our customer.


Roller blinds are manufactured from stiffened fabric. They are designed to roll into a tube during operation. Our made to measure collection of roller blind are for the customers inside UK. Our roller blinds are the perfect choice for improving the quality of interior space whether you choose it for your kitchen or any other place.

We have a huge variety of cheap roller blinds to give you more options to choose from that would suit whatever your need, taste and style. Our roller blind is of superior quality available at cheapest rates that no their blind store can match. Choose a roller blind that matches your style in colours and patterns to reflect your personality. You can also create unique interiors by adding various accessories that would surely enhance the quality of your interior spaces.Click here to browse our Roller blind s collection

VENETIAN BLINDSMetal Venetian blinds are usually made of Aluminum consisting of a number of rows of long interconnected horizontal slats. Our made to measure Venetian blind collection are huge having lots of varieties in styles, and colours.

Our superior quality venetian blind are the cheapest in the market. Please choose from our collection that suits you in style and budget.

Our cheap venetian blinds collection offers a range of 77 colours that includes many vibrant colour tones.Our Venetian blind are made from top-grade aluminium and are very suitable for many applications such as commercial, domestic, and contract segments. They come in various colours like aluminium, grey, black, white, and magnolia. These made to measure venetian blinds are also available as a formed slat or a perforated slat to have variable light control.Click here to browse our Venetian blind collection


Wooden Venetian blinds act as natural insulators to keep the cold out during winter and to keep the heat out during the summer thereby keeping the interior temperature comfortable. These are made from basswood that is sourced with great care so as to be eco-friendly.Our made to measure Wooden Venetian blind are custom made to your perfect requirements that fit in snugly into your window.

We offer the complete range of timber shutters suitable for all size of home and all budgets. Click here.

These blind bring a touch the natural warmth to keep your interior cosy and desirable. Besides they add style to your interior that looks natural and inviting. Wooden Venetians made either from timber or bamboo gives you a subtle finish and they also offer a natural blind solution that is appealing. There are two types of wooden Venetian blinds which are the gloss collection and the Essential Collection.

Our quality cheap wooden Venetians combine the natural soft grain finish with the flawlessness of the perfect grain that will enhance the quality of your interior space. Our wooden Venetian blind are not only perfect for your window treatments needs but they also play a perfect complementary for your interior decoration. They are energy efficient as well as eco-friendly.


Our made to measure Roman blinds collections are a great choice for bringing in a traditional look to any interior space in your home. It can be said that Roman Blind are more than a window covering because they reflect the artistic personality in you hitherto unknown to many. Our cheap roman blinds collections are stylish alternative to curtains resulting in a neat and sophisticated look and feel. Our roman blind collection will help add an extra dimension to your window treatment options.

Our made to measure Roman blinds collections are a great choice for bringing in a traditional look to any interior space in your home. It can be said that Roman Blind are more than a window covering because they reflect the artistic personality in you hitherto unknown to many.

Our cheap roman blinds collections are a stylish alternative to curtains resulting in a neat and sophisticated look and feel. Our roman blind collection will help add an extra dimension to your window treatment options.They bring the classic look to any interior and at the same time provide privacy and light control. Our roman blind collection offers two distinct styles namely the lined and unlined options. While the lined option gives you the traditional look, the unlined option brings in a new stylish twist that is desirable.Click here to browse our Roman blind collection

PANEL BLINDSPanel blind are also known as patio blinds. They are suitable for large windows and doors. Our sliding-type panel blind will be much suited to your large patio doors. Our cheap Panel Blinds Collection can be used as room dividers too for large rooms. Our panel blind collection offers a unique twist to window treatment options for large windows or doors. Our stylish panel blind collection captures and complements the interior living quarter.

Our range of panel blinds with lots of fabric choices with a variety of styles will surely capture your imagination. Our panel collection has a touch of glamour coupled with sophistication and romanticism. Choose from our huge collection of panel blind which are great for you large windows or doors to create the wow factor.

Click here to browse our Panel blind collection

PERFECT FIT BLINDSAt truly blinds we have a perfect fit blind collection that offers a great range of fabrics in beautiful colors, patterns and styles to bring in an air of sophistication and color to the interior. Our cheap perfect fit blinds are best suited to have perfect light control and great privacy. Our blind collections with 74 vibrant color tones are apt for a range of applications. They are cheap in cost, not in quality. Choose from our huge range of perfect fit blind for your large window covering needs and you will not regret your decision.


People prefer vertical blind for their elegance hence they are our top sellers. They are very useful in providing light control and privacy. Vertical blinds provide window treatment options that are practical as well as functional. Our range of vertical blind collection is huge and their beauty will not fail to impress you.

If you are in search of vertical blind that combines style, variety and privacy, our collection will surely satisfy you. Our top-quality vertical blinds come at cheaper affordable rates which you can’t get anywhere else. In earlier days vertical blind was the choice of the corporate world for window treatment solutions. They come in various colours and designs which will never fail to draw your attention. Our cheap vertical blinds collection is not only highly functional but also a colourful window treatment option that would impress your friends and neighbours.