House repairs

Our Repairs Service

Castle Homes Derby acknowledges that the repairs and maintenance service is one of the most important we provide to our customers and also one which can have a direct impact on the enjoyment of their homes.

With around 60,000 repairs undertaken each year it is also one of the most frequently used services we provide.

Through legislation, we have a responsibility to undertake certain repairs in and around your home. Likewise, as a customer you have a responsibility to take care of your home in a ‘tenant like manner’.

We are continually striving to improve our service. Regular customer feedback is received and we have a Repairs Service Customer Workgroup that is focused on enhancing the service. Contact us here.

Where a property requires repair as the result of damage or negligence caused by the tenant, CHD will charge for the cost of work to rectify the problem.

The local authority is responsible for repairs to communal areas in blocks of flats including stairs, door entry systems, communal lighting, landings, communal windows, courtyards and sheds.

Most Common Repairs

  1. Blocked Drains: the most common blocked drains are in sinks, toilets, drains and sewers. We attend to all block drains as soon as possible because without proper management, this can lead to property damage, health problems and flooding. We use a highly experienced plumbing company.
  2. Electrical Faults: many homes can have tripped circuits or blown fuses at any time, leaving them without lights or power for a number of hours. Find out more.
  3. Mould Removal: mould is a nuisance that lives in many homes. Mould can dangerously affect your health so you should get in contact as soon as you spot it. We use specialist methods to remove mildew from homes.