How to keep your property maintained

If you’re thinking of selling your property, it is important that you have kept it well maintained over the past years. This means that any costs to fix any faulty or damaged parts will be much lower compared to houses that have not had any attention at all. Learn how to increase your property’s value.

Some of those that have maintained their property over the years could have lower household bills, which can save you a lot of money.

Preventing heat loss

First of all, one of the most logical ways to save money in your house is to ensure that no heat is escaping from walls, windows or the roof. In houses that aren’t properly insulated, 30% of energy is lost through these components within the property.

If you think you can’t afford house insulation, think again. Keep Warm offer loft and cavity wall insulation for homes in the UK. They have government backed funding for 100% non-repayable insulation grants. To find out information regarding free home insulation click here.

Safe & secure throughout the year

Every 3-6 months, go around your property to check all doors and windows and make sure they are tight sealed properly. Failing to do so means water intrusion and damage can happen on a regular basis, not to mention the incredible amount of heat loss. See: window & door sealant.

Keeping water away

Your drains and gutters need just as much attention as the interior of your house. They are an all year round task that needs carefully monitoring especially after any storms or heavy rain falls. Contact us.

If you neglect your gutters, water could leak into your building causing mould and ill health. If you are unsure on doing this efficiently, find more information from Blue Sky Guttering.

Check your property for leaves, debris or organic matter and ensure they are regularly cleaned out as if they aren’t; they are susceptible to overflowing and can lead to blockage.