Tips for relocating – Talk to our Specialists!

Are you moving your family or business? Feeling overwhelmed? Let us help you!

Our dedicated Relocation Service can handle everything for you – from finding a property for your business to building your dream home. We want to make things easy for you. Let our team deal with the logistics. The Relocation Service includes:

  • Sourcing properties
  • Legal paperwork
  • Arranging viewings – in person or online
  • Financial advice
  • Removals
  • Buy, rent or self build

We will find a selection of the top properties available in your desired location to suit your budget. We have specialists in all areas – whether you plan to rent or buy your new home. Have a look here to see what’s on offer in London.

Tips for Moving House

Packing can be one of the most daunting aspects of moving house – read our tips below to help make it easier for you.

  • Clear the clutter: You must try to clear all the unwanted things that have not been used by you. You can donate those things to the charity or even sell them at auction, flea markets, through classified advertisements and the like to earn money from the old stuff.
  • Thorough clean: Your landlord may also request that you have the property thoroughly cleaned before you have left. For example, this may consist of professional carpet cleaning, a deep clean such as the oven and removing any pictures or items hung on the wall.
  • Use boxes of same size: You should use boxes of same size as it makes packing easier. It will help in stacking both while packing as well as keeping in the truck.
  • Use boxes of small size: It is advisable to use small boxes in order to save energy of both you and the moving team. Buy your boxes.
  • A good quality of tape would be useful.
  • You can also use wardrobe boxes because your clothes would remain clean and you can even put your shoes, purses and boots at the bottom.
  • Write the name of the rooms on the outer side of the boxes. It will help you arrange them in the rooms where they are supposed to be. See more tips.
  • Write the content of the boxes so that you can locate things easily.
  • You can pack all the things that you would require immediately after shifting in one box so that you don’t have to juggle around with different boxes in order to get one necessary thing.

Who to inform when you’re moving house?

You can print this handy checklist to make sure you notify everyone necessary when you move house.

Costs of Moving House

The costs will depend on whether you are renting a property or buying one. If you are buying here is a great breakdown of all the associated costs from the Money Advice Service. If you are building your own home you will need to budget for accommodation costs while under construction. Landlords and letting agents will usually require rent in advance plus fees. You will need to factor in extra costs such as removals, packing materials etc

Property Options

So where are people moving to?

From Derby the majority are buying a new home or renting a property at 87%, 9% will be moving in with family and friends and 4% of people are choosing another option which is building their own home. This of course is a much bigger project but one which could result in the house of your dreams! There are companies who specialise in home development projects. Click here for more information about obtaining a loan from a property development loan broker.

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