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Selling your property? Our quick tips can help to increase the value

Before selling a property, the majority of people tend to make some minor improvements that help to increase the value before an agent comes round to value to house.

Minor improvements include fixing broken tiles, replacing windows and a new lick of paint. Find out about letting a property.

Be sure to follow our tips and tricks and you could see a rise in asking price.

Our 3 tricks for all property owners


Properties are all different, some are suitable for large families and others are ideal for a couple to live in.

It is important to identify your target market and the typically buyer that you’d expect to view your house and present the property accordingly. Prepare for an open house.

For example, with buyers that have a big family they may be more inclined if you present your spare room as a play room, whereas a couple may be more interested in a gym or office space. Identify your market and cater to their requirements.

Outside appearance is just as important

The first thing people notice about any property is the external features and how well the building holds up.

We recommend presenting the outside in a way that would attract buyers in and compare against your neighbours.

Improvement tips include painting the house, tidying the front area (cutting down bushes etc), inputting concrete and even planting flowers.

Adding an automatic gate to the front of your property (whilst important) isn’t only about aesthetics by simply adding a gate you can increase your property’s  value by as much as £50,000.

A gated property of course enhances overall aesthetic appeal by adding an undeniable element luxury but it also improves security as it deters burglars as well as protecting children and pets from the traffic.

They also give you and your family the privacy you need. That’s why any good estate agent would recommend adding an automatic gate.

to find out more about getting an automatic gate installed, visit one of the UKs most popular Automatic Sliding door and gate companies, ERREKA

Ensuring that your roof is in a good condition is a key part in improving your properties value.

If your roof is noticeably faulty, e.g. loose or missing tiles, damp or damaged, people are far less likely to put down an offer and will have already made up their mind!

Get your roof repaired with one of Saffron Walden’s first class roofing teams.

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An architectural change that could improve the styling of the property and help to modernise it, is installing flat rooflights.

These are perfect for conservatories, lofts and various other rooms with a flat roof.

We advise contacting EOS Rooflights on 020 8462 3557 as they are one of the UK’s leading suppliers for skylights.

They offer an extensive range of rooflights and all of their stock has been hand selected due to its clean, contemporary design, low U Values and high glass specifications. Shop online.