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Letting Process

The Letting Process

The following information will guide through our lettings process up to when a tenant moves in to the property.

Once we have received your instruction to market your property we will send you a confirmation to market letter enclosing your property details sheets. It is important that you check these details to ensure that all the information is correct.


Your property will be advertised in several ways. Our proactive marketing process includes the following:-

We have the details of perspective tenants registered with us, who are actively looking for properties across Derby and the surrounding areas. Any potential tenants registered will receive an automated text message informing them a property meeting their requirements has become available, this message is sent as soon as your property is added to our website.

Advertising your property on the following Websites:

With your permission we can mount one of our eye catching To Let Boards (this is free of charge).

We will prepare descriptive property detail sheets including room sizes, external and internal photographs, a copy of which is sent along with your confirmation to market letter.

We send details of all the properties we have available to the major employers across Derby i.e. Rolls Royce, The Hospitals, Toyota for them to put on display in staff areas. And where appropriate we will forward the property details on to relocation agents.


All viewers will be accompanied by one of our staff who, will be on hand to answer any questions the viewer may have and explain our referencing procedure.

Our viewing times are
Monday – Friday 10.00am – 7.00pm
Saturdays (by prior arrangement)


If you have internet access and an email address you are able to log on to the Landlords Information Centre www.ll.castlehomesderby.co.uk and view comments from viewings within 24 hours of the viewing. There is also a facility for you to send messages directly to our office. If you do not have internet access, on a weekly basis we will complie and post you a feedback report so you can see how the marketing of your property is going. The report will include the following information:

How many viewings have been held that week
The viewers comments from those viewings
Any recommendations on how to improve the property making it more attractive to viewers.

Under Application:

Once your property is under application we will write to you giving you an approximate moving in date and confirming the rental. We will then inform you when the references have been received and then we will confirm the moving in date in writing.

Safety Checks:

If not already obtained as soon as your property goes under application it is advisable to organise the Gas and Electrical safety checks. If you would prefer we can organise these on your behalf using our fully qualified tradesmen.

The Inventory:

With the introduction of the tenants deposit scheme in April 2007 it is now more important than ever to ensure a complete and accurate inventory and schedule of condition for the property is completed. this task can only be completed when the property is 100% ready to be handed over to the incoming tenant(s). It is for your own protection to ensure the property is available and ready for us to complete this important task.

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